Keynote speakers

Dr. Stefan Stegmeier

Siemens, Corporate Technology Research in Energy and Electronics Electronics and Mechatronics

Dr. Stefan Stegmeier has studied technical physics at the university of applied science in Munich with the main focus on “material science”. In 2010 he received his PhD from the Otto-von-Guericke university, Magdeburg, in the field of electronics/chemical sensors with a strong focus on nano technology. Since 2010 he is a project manager at Siemens in the field of electronics and mechatronics where he mainly researches topics such as sensors, lightning, semiconductor technologies and (power) electronics. As a principal key expert scientist, he is substantially responsible for innovative process technologies and for shaping Siemens technologic strategy in the field of electronics. He published more than 20 journal/conference papers and holds more than 30 patents in the area of chemical sensors, optoelectronic semiconductors, packaging of electronics, novel technologies for industry applications and power electronics.

Future trends in industry (power) electronics manufacturing – small lot size production and its effect on product thermal management

In the field of industry electronics manufacturing, a paradigm shift is emerging. High volume production is replaced by small lot-sizes; as there is an increased demand for highly customized products and as the just-in-time concept is applied. Besides new technologies such as additive manufacturing, laser techniques or new bonding techniques, also novel material solutions are employed to produce small lot-sizes. For the (power) electronics the existing cooling concepts as well as the thermomechanical reliability need has to be adapted. This should be supported by a rapid and realistic simulation. This speech exemplary focuses on the production of small lot-sizes of (power) electronics and points out what solutions are required in the future from academics in the field of material science, simulation, design optimization as well as thermal management.